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Last week, Moorea Seal shared her journey at our very first sheerfull event by giving us a raw and humorous look into what exactly it means to be an entrepreneur, author, designer, and all around boss lady. From her days as an art major figuring out what career she wanted to pursue, to becoming a graphic designer (before realizing it wasn’t for her) to her ultimate success as a store owner and author (her current gig). Moorea’s story shows that the path to success is nonlinear. Her philosophy? You try out some things, figure out what you like, and if you end up making a mistake, or hating whatever it is you’re doing, then that’s fine. Moorea describes it as “data collection.” You’re just gathering more information about what it is that brings you happiness and fulfillment.

Moorea cited this approach to making mistakes as part of what has allowed her to maintain and cultivate her authenticity throughout her journey. Though it wasn’t always easy, her ability to find direction and purpose in life through artistic expression while simultaneously refusing to restrict herself to following any given trend, has been integral to her success. She explained to us that, “authenticity and sticking to who I am is always what’s going to help me most.”

The sincerity and willingness to share that Moorea brought to our first event completely blew all of us away. As a boss of her own business, she revealed that the privileges and success associated with her title also come with a great deal of responsibility and pressure.

So, the bad news? Well, as Moorea put it, "life will only get harder." But the good news is that the experiences you have gained from overcoming past difficulties are so incredibly valuable for the successes in the future. It turns out, that you should want life to get harder, so you can grow, gain experiences, and use your knowledge and wisdom from past experiences to achieve your goals.

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By Melody XuZena Worku

jPhotography by Alvin



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